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...You are the designer!
Software & tools for ISOBUS for designing your screens
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...good handling - that's what matters!
ISOBUS operating software

  • Avoids overlapping when cultivating a field
  • Efficient, resource-saving
  • Eases the burden on the driver

section control uses GPS to support switching machine partial widths on and off - and does so entirely automatically

  • e.g. sowing units in seed drills, individual nozzles in fertiliser equipment, spray nozzles for field sprays
  • If a partial width overlaps with the area of the field that has already been cultivated, section control prevents double cultivation of the area by switching off the overlapping partial width completely.
  • Fertiliser is not applied twice, no application of too much seed - for careful handling of our natural resources and sustainable, ecologically responsible land management.
  • Incorrect use of field sections is avoided.
  • It also lifts the burden on the driver noticeably during work -
  • even night-time field cultivation is guaranteed to be precise and save on resources.

  • Available in conjunction with the field-guide and task-controller software and with our ISOBUS terminals (e.g. field-operator 310) and the fo@PC operating software on request.

Sample applications