...stay on the ball even after work is over!
Agronomic ISOBUS terminals - easy to operate - can be customised
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... in a good mood even after work
ergonomic handles design-oriented - secure - field-proven
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... new-found freedom - thanks to wireless!
Bedien- und Anzeige Terminals - ISOBUS-fähig - designstark - erweiterbar - kundenspezifisch konfigurierbar/ modifizierbar

Powerful handheld control units with integrated display and machine controller

  • Ergonomic industrial design
  • Customised designs on request
  • Product platform based on CAN BUS (ISOBUS) and LIN BUS
  • Reliable operation under harsh conditions
  • Designed for long-term, reliable use over 10 to 15 years

ISOBUS field-operator 230

base solution system solution

The most cost-effective ISOBUS terminal on the market that is ideal to operate and has a clearly-defined range of functions, custom design on request, easy use with just one hand and operation of ISOBUS-compatible agricultural machines. It is ideal as a second terminal.

field-operator 130

system solution

Efficient handheld operating terminal for ISOBUS and LIN-BUS applications on mobile working machines, tried and tested thousands of times in real life over the course of many years, numerous expansion options such as camera interface, wireless control ..., custom design on request.

field-operator 125

system solution

Cost-effective handheld terminal for ISOBUS and LIN-BUS applications on mobile working machines, graphic LCD display suitable for use in sunlight and easy to read outdoors, expansion options, custom design on request.

field-operator 92

base solution system solution

Simple terminal for mobile applications with a small range of functions for agricultural, forestry and special vehicles. Ergonomic terminal including controller with inputs and outputs and CAN-BUS or LIN-BUS, custom design on request e.g. for fertiliser spreaders.

ISOBUS field-handle pro

base solution system solution

Innovative operating handle for ISOBUS and CAN-BUS applications on mobile machines with top safety features. Custom design on request, innovative safety functions are optional, ergonomic industrial design for safe and fatigue-free use.

ISOBUS field-handle

base solution system solution

The industry standard for many years, used thousands of times in real life: the tried-and-tested multi-function handle for ISOBUS applications - custom design on request, robust control handle for ISOBUS, CAN-BUS and control functions.