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Job controllers for any application – flexible, expandable with additional modules
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Robust mobile controllers - tried and tested

  • Cost-effective
  • Flexible
  • With diagnostic capability
  • Customised

If you want to connect other actuators and/or sensors to a job controller, the LIN and CAN I/O modules offered by WTK-Elektronik are a cost-effective solution.

Several LIN modules (max. 16/3 input/output modules) and CAN I/O modules (max. 16) can be operated with one bus. Its function can thus be extended in a particularly flexible way.

Using the LIN and CAN I/O modules, electronic controllers can thus be expanded to include complex functions – ideal for manufacturers of agricultural machinery who want to offer a wide range of additional functions as an option, based on inexpensive basic equipment.

WTK LIN and CAN I/O modules offer advantages that pay off:

  • Connection of digital and analogue sensors
  • Control of lamps, solenoid valves or motors
  • All outputs short-circuit proof
  • Energy savings when switched off
  • “CAN wake up”/“LIN wake up” for fast activation in operating mode
  • Several CAN modules can be connected to one CAN bus at the same time
  • Module is addressed via rotary switch (CAN I/O module) or software configuration - easy installation (e.g. with screws) thanks to drilled hole (LIN module) and fixing lugs (CAN I/O module)
  • Minimal wiring work required, as modules can be fitted close to actuators/sensors.

CAN I/O modules

  • CAN 2.0 B active (passive bus terminal can be controlled on the software side)
  • Power supply 10 – 30 V (polarity reversal protection)
  • Max. load current total 20 A


  • 8 input pins (npn, pnp, analogue [0 … 13.2 V], frequency or impulse measurement)
  • Up to 8 input pins can be configured via software (npn, pnp, analogue [0 … 18.3 V], frequency or impulse measurement)
  • 1 kHz sampling rate and 12 bit resolution


  • Up to 8 output pins can be configured via software
  • High-side switch outputs static 4 A/PWM 2.5 A (diagnostic)
  • Frequency/current control, current/voltage monitoring
  • 12 V unstabilised, short-circuit proof
  • 5 V stabilised, max. 80 mA

Environmental conditions:

  • Working range: -20° ... +75°C ambient temperature
  • EMC: DIN EN ISO 14982 for agricultural machines, CE
  • Housing:
  • Fully moulded plastic
  • Dimensions: 67 x 118 x 35 mm³
  • Protection class: IP68