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Job controllers for any application – flexible, expandable with additional modules
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Robust mobile controllers - tried and tested

Robust mobile WTK control technology for agricultural and construction machinery, forestry and utility vehicles:

  • Developed for reliable use under harsh environmental conditions that are typical for mobile work machines – damp, dust, temperature fluctuations, impacts/vibration, chemicals ...
  • Designed for a long, reliable service life of 10 to 15 years
  • Flexible modular platform solutions – 8 bit and 32 bit technology, cost-effective, project-specific, scalable
  • Fast customised developments on request
  • Our own, market-leading ISOBUS software library from the ISOBUS pioneer

32 bit job controller gen 2.5

system solution

ISOBUS job controller platform – tried and tested thousands of times over many years: outstanding cost-effectiveness, power electronics and data processing in one device, inputs, outputs and data interfaces scalable with modular technology, optional I/O expansions are provided.

32 bit ISOBUS job-controller gen 3

system solution

Powerful job controller platform – modern ARM cortex computer architecture with 168 MHz system cycle, 32 MByte flash and 8 MByte RAM - fully equipped for any challenging task. Innovative modular housing concept – developed out of and for the high practical demands on agricultural machines, with optional integrated vibration damping. Customised designs on request. ISOBUS-compatible. Available in 3 basic configuration levels with up to 72 I/Os.

eco job-controller

base solution system solution

Universal mobile controller for simple ISOBUS applications: cost-effective 32 bit job-controller, customised configuration, with integrated status LEDs.

8 bit job controller

base solution system solution

Job controller offering outstanding value for money: tried and tested over many years in harsh field deployment, customised design on request, reduced cabling complexity thanks to direct cable connection (integrated connector plug) for sensors and actuators (e.g. hydraulic valves, magnetic couplings).

LIN and CAN modules

base solution system solution

Flexible and cost-effective integration of the I/Os, sensors, actuators, etc. distributed around the machine: easy, problem-free expansion/modification with various machine types, customised designs on request.

ISOBUS retrofit kit

base solution

Retrospective addition of ISOBUS technology for your tractor: suitable for most tractor types, ISOBUS – the latest version, for use of all ISOBUS functions, retrofitting/use of the tractor signal socket, standard design with field-operator 230.