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Electric drive systems
Electronic control systems that are tailor-made and tried and tested
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...It’s running - you can feel it!
Customised automation solutions/electric drive systems/electronic control systems
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Customised automation solutions/electric drive systems/electronic control systems

Advanced drive solutions for agricultural machines including ISOBUS controller, motor control and drive motor

  • Innovative controllers from the pioneer of precision sowing technology with electric drive
  • Customised solutions available on the basis of product platforms proven over many years
  • Output class up to 500 W direct current brush motors or BLDC in vehicle on-board networks
  • Energy management in distributed drive systems with up to 2000 W total output

Drive system for precision seed drills - EKS

system solution

The WTK precision seed drill controller - designed for single-seed drills with up to 24 rows driven by electric motor.

Drive system for drill machines

system solution

Universal ISOBUS controller that can be adapted to any drill with minimal effort. The key parameters of metering, blower fan speed, calibration test, tramline control and speed measurement can be adjusted easily with a WTK drill controller. The seed is spread optimally regardless of the travelling speed.

Motor modules

base solution system solution

LIN motor modules for operation and control of connected electric motors up to 600 W and other electric power consumers. The design of the module in a separate module makes it possible to design user solutions with LIN motor modules as an optional system expansion with plug-in connectors.

Actuator systems

system solution

Actuators are suitable for a wide range of applications thanks to their flexibility and have proven themselves over many years. Our actuator solutions offer virtually unlimited options for outstanding control and monitoring to increase output for specific applications.