WTK responsibility
... this is what we stand for!

Our credo - useful - ecological - sustainable

In the business sector of electronics, we are committed to ecological agriculture that will stand the test of time – with the aim of making our contribution to sustainable, integrated and environmentally friendly land management.

Greater productivity in food and production can only be achieved through increasing automation now and in the future - automation through electronics. We see this as our work and our responsibility at the same time.

WTK responsibility - this is what we stand for.

If you look forward, you can see the future.

The requirements of our customers are a challenge to which we are happy to rise. Being able to record the natural relationship of the plant and the environment precisely means offering the farmer solution-based suggestions for every field and enabling professional documentation of the field work.

As specialists in the area of control technology for agriculture, we want to make our innovations in the area of electronics, sensors and microsystem technology available to agriculture.

We are aware of the high degree of responsibility that modern agriculture makes of technology and its precise control. Precision farming determines how farmers act.

Increasing the yield reliability and quality with the aim of farming in a sustainable, integrated and environmentally friendly way challenges us every day to develop new concepts for precise control and monitoring of farming measures with variable location and stock parameters, taking account of economic factors.