Career information

Machine and systems electronics engineers design circuits, make electrical, electronic and structural device components, devices and system to meet customer requirements and keep them up-to-date.

They install and configure hardware and software components.

They create device documentation and instruct customers in operating the devices and systems.

Training requirements

Conclusion of a training contract is a prerequisite for training in this career.

As an applicant, you must meet the following requirements:

  • successful completion of a high school qualification as a minimum and good performances in natural science subjects
  • technical understanding and presentation skills, strong concentration skills, trade skills, good colour vision and
  • basic English skills.

Training locations

Vocational college

Berufliches Schulzentrum für Elektrotechnik Dresden (Dresden Vocational Training Centre for Electronic Engineering)
Strehlener Platz 2
01219 Dresden, Germany
Telephone: 0351 4735201


WTK-Elektronik GmbH
Bischofswerdaer Str. 37f
01844 Neustadt/Saxony, Germany
Telephone: 03596 565-60
Fax: 03596 565-709

Professional training

Training contract:

The training runs across various companies. All information about this can be obtained from WTK-Elektronik. It is not possible to conclude a contract with the vocational college.

Duration of training and qualification:

Training takes 3 1/2 years and ends with a final examination in front of the examination board of the Chamber of Trade and Industry.

Training organisation:

Professional training runs according to the dual system, i.e. you study at two locations:
•    at the company or inter-company training site
•    at the vocational college

Vocational colleg:

Teaching at the vocational college is delivered in discrete sections (block teaching).

Teaching is provided in the general subjects German, Business Studies, Sociology and Sport, in 13 theoretical subject area based on professional working practices and company business processes, and in English communication (beyond the timetable requirements).

Core qualifications are delivered that are derived from qualification and training objectives across careers and professional qualifications that describe the actual professional profile and are based on career-specific objectives. Teaching is practice and project-based using selected, career-specific assignments.

Prospects in the company

Appointment following successful completion of training as a machine and systems electronics engineer in one of the production areas:

  • PCB assembly
  • Electronic device construction or cable assembly
  • Further training, e.g. as a group leader, is available in one of the production areas

Get to know us during an internship:

Completing an internship in advance of an application is recommended to complete a training place in classes 8-10. Apply at least 8 weeks before the start of the internship.

...what else you can expect: A friendly atmosphere and your own responsibilities - a team that allows everyone to grow - a feeling of belonging

  • Summer festival – Christmas party – communal cycling tours - sporting activities
  • Add your ideas to the mix. Showing initiative is important to us.