Keep everything under control thanks to simple basic solutions
Custom entry-level and upgrade solutions – robust – cost-effective – delivered quickly
...cost efficiency in the field with WTK-Basics
Efficient WTK product platforms – innovative – ideal – tried and tested
...much more convenient
Custom entry-level and upgrade solutions – basic solutions to lighten the load and reduce stress

Basic solutions

Economical equipment and retrofitting options for mobile machines - WTK-Standard - tried and tested in the field

We have a large stock of standard solutions with immediate availability that can be put into action quickly. Customised starter solutions as economical equipment and retrofitting solutions for mobile machines. Simple data recording or handling of basic monitoring tasks on a work machine eases the burden on the driver and makes hard field work easier over a long day.

Whether as a front loader controller or an operating hours, baler or loading counter based on a sensor... WTK-Elektronik offers a wide range of solutions with immediate availability for a multitude of tasks. Having everything under control is a MUST, while easy operation with powerful WTK manual controllers provides the convenience that our customers will never want to do without, once they have tried it.

We carry out development and research work to optimise our customers’ processes, provide them with electronic support and document them clearly – with effective business management as our aim.

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